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HAIGA – Santoka

Theme: No theme
Entry: Open to anyone
Fee: No fee
Haiga: One unpublished haiga
Haiga should be submitted in jpg format, longer side not to be smaller than 4000pcx. Submissions smaller than 4000pcx will not be taken into consideration as the selected haiga will be printed on minimum A3 size for exhibition purposes.
Files should not to be bigger than 15mb.
Haiku words must be embedded in the haiga image.
Watermarks and name of author/authors should not be embedded in the haiga image.
Language: English (+ optional mother tongue)
If the haiga has been done in your mother tongue, you will need to provide an English translated version, along with your mother tongue version, in the body of the email.
Style: Free style
Period for submission: Monday, 11th December, 2017 – Thursday, 1st February, 2018
Jury: representative on behalf of Association Santoka – Damir Damir, and Steven Gray, visual artist
Results: Announced Thursday, 1st March, 2018 via the website (www.santoka.rs).
The exhibition of chosen haiga will open on 1st March, 2018 as part of the first day of The Month of Japanese Culture festival hosted at University Library Belgrade, Serbia.
Prizes: 50$ for 1st place and e-diplomas for 1st place and runners up.
Prize money will be paid via a Paypal account or in cash during the festival in Belgrade.
Send submissions to: santokahaiku@gmail.com
Submissions only accepted by e-mail.
The subject line of your email should be “santoka haiga”.
Write the haiku in the body of the e-mail + attach haiga.
Name your haiga file: First name_Last name_Country.jpg
(Example: John_Doe_Serbia.jpg)
Sign your submission:
First name + Last name
Street + House number
Zip code + City
E-mail address
*Image author first name + Image author last name
If you are not the author of the image that accompanies your haiku, please write the name of the image author also.*
(Example: John Doe, Zetska 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, myemail@mail.com, Jane Doe*)
For more information write to us at: santokahaiku@gmail.com
IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please read before submitting
Haiga must remain unpublished elsewhere until the results have been posted. By sending a haiga, the author agrees to being published without pay in a catalogue for the Haiga exhibition. All submissions must be original (including permission to use the image from the original author), unpublished work that is not under consideration by a print or web-based journal. While posts on Internet sites such as the authors own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc. are eligible, posts on blogs are not.
Association Santoka will not be held responsible if a third party seeks damages, complains or objects to the use of a submitted work that has been deemed to infringe on a previously held copyright.


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