marți, 7 februarie 2017

A haiku competition

Public Institution “Green Ring”, Zagreb County, Samobor, Croatia
and Haiku Association “Three Rivers” Ivanić-Grad, Croatia
are pleased to announce the haiku competition as follows.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2017.

Please send ONE UNPUBLISHED HAIKU IN ENGLISH per author, not submitted anywhere else.

Style: with one kigo (a seasonal reference – if any), three lines, no strict syllable count but in the traditional Japanese kaiku pettern (5-7-5 sylables).
Please give your name and address with haiku in the body of your message.
The judging will be anonymous.
The judges’ names will be announced at the time of the awards.
The awards: A plaque and a White Stork haiku collection.

The results: Beginning of May at

The awarded authors will be informed by an e-mail message accordingly.
The awards will be given away on the Day of the White Stork in Croatia, August 24, 2017 or sent by mail to the awardees.

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