joi, 5 februarie 2015

PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, Ivanić Grad, Croatia 2015

PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, Ivanić Grad, Croatia 2015

Tourist Board of the town of Ivanić Grad and the Haiku Association “Three Rivers”, Croatia, organize an international  haiku contest in English:

Theme:  Pumpkin/Gourd 
(not necessarily mentioned in the haiku)
In English – 3 haiku

Poets from the area of ex-Yugoslavia are welcomed to send their haiku in their language; it will be translated into English and judged in the international section.

Dealine:  June 30, 2015

The results will be published in IRIS in 2016 and the winners informed accordingly.

Un comentariu:

  1. He carves villages.
    Gentle mirror of days past.
    In that gourd, his soul.